St. John the Baptist

This figure study was transformed into St. John the Baptist for an upcoming art festival here in Florence, Festa della Cultura San Giovanni Battista, which will take place June 18-24. After completing the nude study I adorned the figure with my own imagined version of St. John's signature camel skin clothing and tranformed the base into a representation of the water of baptism. He is still missing the reed cross which he will hold in his hand after I complete the casting process. 

Mary Magdalene

To finish this sculpture of Mary Magdalene I will add drapery and complete the crucifix she is holding in her hands. This sculpture portrays Mary Magdalene's intimate relationship with Jesus and the longing desire to be reunited with him once more after this life. 


This project was planned by me and another second year student to be a depiction of the Old Testament figure, Samson, in his moment of desperate prayer at the columns. When the sculpture is finished you will see his weakened body leaned against one of the columns for support, his arms stretched to heaven, as he prays to the Lord for the renewal of his strength.  

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